Friday, April 30, 2010


I can do both!

I've decided, I am going to do both, and no one can stop me, damn it!

I did some research and I found a couple of people in this world who are actually doing both, and are successful. So since I've found my inspiration -- full strides ahead!

**update coming soon!**


mumuji said...

Yay! Go for it! Lots of people have two jobs and are happy with it that way. Who knows eventually along the way, you might be able to give up one of them in favour for the other.

Kat said...

You can most definitely do both. Just don't ever compromise your real passion to hold both.

I'd say "figure out what you want to accomplish" as an overall goal - not a job description, but a description that identifies who you are. (For me, it's that I want to learn to effectively convey a message and use that to create positive change; corny as it sounds, it's true) And then figure out how photography + advertising will let you get there. Maybe you want to do much the same thing I do - get your messages out there. As you refine that self-description, your work will get more and more focused. And there will always be a niche for selling awesome personality.

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