Monday, November 30, 2009


I will be leaving for Singapore in 7 days!!!

I am ultra excited as this will be my second overseas trip this year. If there are any bloggers from Singapore out there who'd like to do a swap or a meetup, let me know asap! And if you have any recommendations on what I should visit and where to eat, pleeeeeaaaaseeeee share!

I am going partially as a vacation and partially to visit a few advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines to scope and absorb the media environment there.

In other news, my one-year-old computer decided to bail on me today. I was doing literally, absolutely nothing when it froze. I rebooted and now the system runs at the pace of a snail. It's slower than my first computer I had in 5th grade. It takes almost 5 seconds to respond if I just right click on the desktop.

Windows Vista -- I hate you.

But luckily for me, my trusty Macbook Pro is alive and well and helping me through this mess. Especially when it's the last week of school and I've got loads of tests and projects to be concerned with. Arghhhhh!

Anyhows, Singapore ladies, hollar at me!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Have you ever contemplated cosmetic surgery? It's not something that's really ever crossed my mind but I do find it fascinating how many people actually get it nowadays, particularly in Korea and Iran, etc. Looking into the mirror, I wonder what exactly I would change. My eyelids are a little uneven, and uh, other than that, I resemble my mother -- which I like. But of course, curiosity is free and a little time in Photoshop can't hurt ;]

Can you spot the difference?

I did a little nose augmentation. The left side is me, and the right is...well, digitally altered me. I heightened the bridge a tad and added a slight bump to the tip the nose so that it's not so straight.

My curiosity is duly satiated.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Forever 21 tank; Forever 21 Twist skirt; Armani Exchange jacket; Guess shoes; fangs; Sephora Girl lashes

Hope everyone had a great Halloween :] This was my lazy costume I threw together last minute. Pretty much, I decided I was going to be a vampire and decided to buy some fangs, then threw on whatever garb I had and called it a day.

Not an advertisement, but I just want to say I LOVE my fangs and! I ordered them Monday night near midnight (last minute decision), they shipped it first thing Tuesday morning and I got them on Thursday! These are veneers and you have to use a paste that's included to make a mold of your tooth so that they snap on and off. SO easy and SO natural looking! I loved them!

My friends and I went down to 6th Street (bar street in Austin), which is usually jam packed with people decked out in costumes, but for some reason this year it was TWICE as packed. For about 3 blocks straight, I couldn't tell where I was going because I was literally swimming in a sea of people. I lost my group probably 3 or 4 times within walking just 2 blocks! I think it took a total of 20 minutes just to walk through something that usually would've taken 2 minutes. Insane!

Would love to know what all of you guys did and what you dressed up as!

<3 Liang
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