Sunday, May 2, 2010


Most of my friends are graduating, and my girlfriends are moving on in life to get jobs or continue on with other schooling. Thus, it was our last chance to go out and have fun together before fragmenting from our little block in West University (or otherwise known as West Campus) here at UT.

We decided to take a road trip to Dallas. The nightlife definitely could not compare to Austin (come on, what can compare to 6th Street? Seriously?) but it was fun to get away regardless.

10th floor, room 1009.

We stayed at the Westin Galleria. Very swanky, and attached to a giant mall, the Dallas Galleria. No complaints there!

Had dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe by our hotel before calling it a night. I love rooms with giant windows, and this one even had a daybed type seat next to it. It's so relaxing to just sit and look out onto a big city.

The next day, we headed over to Hibashi for lunch.

Our awesome chef getting ready to prepare our meals!

I ordered the steak medium rare. I like my steaks juicy!

Afterwards, we walked to Chill Bubble Tea next door for some drinks. This place was absolutely adorable! With accent walls of mint green and red, we couldn't help but turn their store into a studio as we did a mini photo session inside.











We returned to the Westin later and shot some more while roaming and exploring the hotel.






The Westin had a gorgeous pool with cabana beds. Had I known beforehand, I would've brought a bathing suit and spent my evening lounging poolside! 


For dinner, we decided to check out The Second Floor Bistro, a restaurant/lounge/bar located on the second floor (innovative naming, no?).

My entree was the risotto. It was a tad bland, and definitely couldn't compare to other risottos I've had elsewhere.

I love desserts (if you haven't noticed by now) and Saturday was their promotional 50% off dessert night. I was already full to the max, but no care -- I can't say no to dessert, especially not half priced dessert. This was their chocolate torte with bananas that had hardened sugar glaze on top, and a vanilla milkshake to go along with it to wash away the creamy richness of the chocolate. Yumm!

Later that night, we checked out a bit of the Dallas nightlife downtown and as mentioned earlier, it was a disappointment after being spoiled by 6th Street in Austin for the past couple of years.

We left on Sunday to return to town and return to the mundane life of being hardworking, sleep deprived students. Only one week of school left, crazy! I gotta start packing my bags for Chicago soon, leaving on Saturday! I love the jet set life. I am currently working on a post that reveals all my traveling secrets, particularly how I afford it for all those who ask me how I managed to travel so much :]

Take care!


pankeke said...

This trip looks sooo great! You look gorgeous in all the photos!!

But now I am craving for some avacado boba T__T...

viickietoria said...

ahh, i love the galleria! and the boba tea is looking so delicious at the moment. x)

sizbelle said...

love all girls outing! the bubble tea place is really nice esp when you start doing photoshoot there! haha

Pop Champagne said...

woww your trip photos look so fab! It looks so professional and clean! Love it. And you're way too cute :D

Popcorn said...

woah~ You're sooo good at taking pictures. I wish i had a really really good camera. The hotel rooms looks sooo pretty~

Lydia said...

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Charleston said...

a gorgeous set of friends and fabulous way of life x

Sanna said...

I LOVE your header and your photos!!! <3

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