Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Wearing: H&M yellow dress; CS'CS shoes from China; hair extensions ^^

I hate the awkward growing period between short and long hair. I chopped my hair short last year because my it was damaged from dyes and I had tons of split ends. I didn't feel like dealing with it so off it all went. I can't say that I don't feel a tinge of regret nowadays.

However, extensions are absolutely terrific! I bought the clip-on kind, so it can be a bit tedious if you're trying to look like you have long hair everyday. But I'm far too lazy to deal with that, so I just wear them every once in a while.


It is currently Restaurant Week in Houston! Basically a bunch of restaurants (about 75) in Houston are participating in an event that benefits the Houston Food Bank. For $35, you get a 3-course gourmet meal and $5 of that gets donated. In my opinion it's a pretty good deal, considering some of these restaurants cost waaaay more than $35 for 3 courses.

This year, I decided to check out Voice located inside Hotel Icon.

Argh! I forgot what the heck this was and it's not on their online menu. We ordered it separate from the Restaurant Week menu. It was good though!


mushroom soup “cappuccino” - truffle foam, porcini powder. I liked the presentation (came out in a coffee cup) and the foam on top. It was a good soup, although a bit thick and hard to consume all of it considering the size of the cup (and my tiny frame). carneroli risotto - tomato, chive, asiago cheese. One of the best risottos I've had, especially when it came to originality. It was a fresh tasting mixture, definitely a great summer dish.


pan roasted pork loin - roasted corn, granny smith apple, bourgon-garlic sauce. Simply deeeeelicius! The flavors went together in an amazing way. Each bite was meant to be eaten with all the components combined. Very few restaurants can make such dishes like this that impress me so.

coulot Steak sous vide - Yukon potato cream, charred onions, shallot sauce. I only had one bite of this, but it was juicy (cooked medium rare) and flavorful. Oh, and the bread that comes along with the food was also very interesting. There were three types of spreads: olives, butter, and garlic. All very good. I must dote on the butter though, it came served at room temperature, all soft and ready spread. Haha I am easy to please.

I am so full! But, I must squeeze room for dessert!


strawberry rhubarb crisp - almond oat streusel, ginger Chantilly cream. The strawberries were a bit sour, but eaten with the cream, the tangyness could be forgiven. warm chocolate cake - chocolate sauce, caramel sea salt ice cream. Lovely dish! I think there was a border of chocolate sauce on purpose, as I tried mixing the two and eating it together and it didn't quite taste right. The ice cream was definitely interesting, as it was salty and I usually associate ice cream with being sweet.

Inside the restaurant.

And I apologize for my food photos for always being so dark. It's so darn hard to shoot in restaurants, they are all so dimly lit and flash usually makes the food look bad haha.


So school starts in exactly 1 week + 1 day. Sigh. Although a part of me aches to return and learn new things, meet new people and hang out with old friends, my lazy bones just want to stay home and sleep all day. I have a pretty rigorous schedule this semester, with my Mondays through Thursdays packed with classes from about 11 a.m. till about 5 p.m. everyday. Plus and minus some lab hours. This, however, eliminated any chance of me getting a part time job this semester. Boohoo :[

And I've been addicted to Rain's song RAINISM lately hahaha. The lyrics are rather provocative, at least for an Asian song. It's got nothin' on the stuff here in the states, but still. It's Rain and I associate everything in Asia with innocense. Then again, Edison Chen proved that otherwise.

Friday, August 14, 2009



Hello lovelies :]

I decided to test out my Too Faced Jewelry Box Pink Diamond Edition kit. I wanted to post what I used but I can NOT for the life of me find the names of any of the things in this kit!! So I am guessing the shade names based on pictures of their normal shadows on their website.


Callamatch II circle lenses (black) - I wear these practically everyday.

Too Faced eyeshadow in Glamazon (Silver Fawn) - all over lid

Ulta waterproof eyeliner in Deep Brown

Victoria's Secret Very Voluminous Extreme Volume Mascara - 1 coat

NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige

Too Faced blush in Papa don't Peach (Soft Peach) - reminds me a bit of my Nars Orgasm blush with less shimmer and more pigmented.

Too Faced face powder

NYX Lip Gloss with Megashine in Goddess of the Night - I took these photos later in the day so the lipgloss has worn off a bit in the photos.


For lunch, met up with my oldest and dearest friend Liz @ Cafe Express to catch up on life.

A delicious pasta dish with marinara, mushrooms, spinach and sundried tomatoes.

For dinner, ate at Cafe 101, a trendy local Chinese/Taiwanese-style restaurant. The food there is alright, but it's conveniently close to my home, open late, and drinks are good :]

Jasmine green tea, soothing and refreshing! Love it!!

For appetizer, chicken nuggets with basil. One of their best dishes, I think.

Pork fried rice with veggies. One of the better joints to offer fried rice in Chinatown Houston :] Beef friend udon - also one of the better dishes available here. The menu is quite an adventure, there's probably over 100+ options. Some are wins, some are fails, but it doesn't hurt to try. The food is pretty cheap here.


My first tag! Yay! Tagged by the lovely

1) Open your first photo folder

2) Scroll down to the 10th photo

3) Post that photo and story on your blog

4) Tag 5 other (or more) friends to do the same

I opened up my old photobucket folder, found my 10th oldest photo, and this was it:


I tag Sarah, Gracie, Ceecile, Mz Lily, and PiggyViv.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ed Hardy polo, Baoligao jean skirt, Kenneth Cole Reaction flats.

Callamatch II circle lenses (black) - I've used the GEO black circle lenses before and prefer this over it so much more. The GEO had a very thick, dark and unnatural black outer circle and this one is much thinner and lighter, and the design blends into the brown of my eye, making it look very natural. Unfortunately, I bought this in China a while back and have no idea where to get anymore :[

Lancome eyeshadow in Positive (a matte light beige) and Pose (metallic bronze/gold) - blended the two together to make Pose less pigmented (it's a VERY shimmery and strong color!) all over the lid.

Sephora Nano eyeliner in Midnight Black

Victoria's Secret Very Voluminous Extreme Volume Mascara - 1 coat

NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige - This is my FAVORITE concealer! Cheap, GREAT coverage and blends right into my skin

Nars blush in Orgasm

MAC select sheer/pressed powder in NC20

NYX Lip Gloss with Megashine in Goddess of the Night - LOVE this lip gloss. It is my go to for a pinkish nude look. The color is great and the staying power is amazing. It lasts me through a meal if I am careful while eating.

TIP: apply a layer of concealer to lips to neutralize them and even the color out. I have a pink spot on my lower lip and do this to cover it up.

Had dinner at Grand Lux Cafe, my favorite go to place in Houston for good food :] I also love the decor, very majestic. I want to decorate my future house like this.

Ordered the Chicken Royale with Short Ribs - Lightly Breaded Sauteed Chicken Breasts Served Over a White Wine Butter Sauce with Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Herbed Carrots. The Chicken Royale is one of the best dishes at Grand Lux, hands down -- even though they have over 100 items on their menu. They recently came out with a combination menu that pairs it with the short ribs, which is also pretty good. Also ordered the Yellow Tomato Pasta Pomodoro - Spaghettini Tossed with Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Parmesan Cheese and a Light Yellow Tomato Sauce. It was a very light pasta, and it was good but there are better things to order on the menu (such as the Sunday Night Pasta, that thing is a beast!)


Not my arm...

It's 2:25 a.m. and we're bored, so we found ourselves driving to...

L'auberge du Lac! Casino & Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana (2+ hours from Houston) for some late night gambling and eating. Overall this entire weekend, I only lost $5. Not bad for playing blackjack for a whole day, no?

Banana walnut pancakes.

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