Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I absolutely love New York City! One of my favorite places in the world. There's so much culture (and therefore, glorious food) packed within the city that three meals a day simply isn't enough. I spent the weekend there during my Spring Break.

Driving into Manhattan. Took a shuttle from the airport straight to the hotel. Do NOT take taxi's from the airport!! It's a flat rate of $45 plus tolls (so about $50 bucks) and a huge ripoff. It's only worth it if you have three or four people, otherwise, taking a shuttle is a much cheaper alternative. It's less than $20 and they take you straight to the hotel. I'd recommend booking it ahead of time online, it's even cheaper that way.

I stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue and 45th (perfect location close to everything!) It has a nostalgic feel of grandeur in eras past... the hotel lobby was large with high ceilings and dim lights. I could picture ladies and gentlemen walking about in their top hats and petticoats with someone playing on a baby grand piano... but that was just my imagination running wild on me. It was actually packed with half-drunk people at 4 p.m. who were celebrating St. Patrick's day.

First meal in the city was at Oms/b, the first rice ball cafe I've ever been to.

Their creations were so adorable! And absolutely delicious. Beware though, they only accept cash. They were located a couple of blocks down from my hotel, on 45th St. near 3rd Avenue.

After resting a bit, stopped by the Beekman Tower hotel to check out their rooftop restaurant: Top of the Tower. I read reviews on Yelp raving about the views of this place and I couldn't agree more. I arrived right around sunset and stayed till dusk. What I would give to have a penthouse with a giant window and a view like this!!



The nighttime views were amazing! I almost didn't want to leave.

Next stop, dessert!

Last time I was in NYC, I went to ChikaLicious, a gourmet dessert bar that serves 3-course desserts that includes a dessert appetizer and a dessert for your dessert! It's tiny, tiny place that gets packed fast. I wanted to revisit them but turns out they are only open Thursday-Sunday. Almost majorly disappointed, it was probably strategic planning that they have a sister establishment, ChikaLicious Dessert Club, right across the street.

Had the Adult Chocolate pudding and cheesecake. Both were highly pleasing to the tastebuds, but I must say I preferred the cheesecake. I'm a vanilla girl ;] By pure coincidence, I ran into two very nice ladies inside who recommended three of the best places on earth to me (all within walking distance from where I was): Sundaes & Cones, Milk Bar, and Cafe Mogador. I walked to Sundaes & Cones immediately afterwards for round 2 of dessert, which was only a few blocks down. I later visited the other two places and all three are now staples and must-do's for any future New York trip!

The two flavors I tried were tiramisu and lychee... and oh my god... I'd never tasted anything that was so true to the name! The flavor was undeniably accurate, decadent, and delicious. Like eating the actual thing... only in ice cream form, which I guess is the whole point of flavored ice cream except so few establishments actually hit that goal. Most of the time it just tastes like vanilla with a bit of flavoring -- but not this place.

Ended my night with a belly full of dessert :] More to come soon!

Wearing: H&M hoodie; Arden B. leather jacket; Zara jeans; boots from China


Ken said...

thats awesome
i havent been to nyc in like 3 years. i really miss going there every year =P

Tammy said...

Hey Liang! I love your leather jacket haha but I have no idea what Arden B. is! Looks like you had an awesome time in NYC, you're pictures look amazing :)

pankeke said...

that's awesome!
i went to NYC on the weekend of my spring break too xD!

Fashion is me said...


I envy you. during my stay in the U.S.A. I ran out of time to visit this city. It is so beautiful, and closely related to fashion.


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