Monday, September 28, 2009


Wearing: (No brand) denim jacket; H&M dress, CS'CS flats; Lancome tote bag; Forever 21 headband; Necklace from an underground subway shop in Shanghai

My roommate and I had a housewarming party not too long ago. Allow me to introduce you to her:

Meet Pia! In case you've been wondering, she is the one I usually pester to take photos of me, that or I set up my camera on self-timer.

Anyways, it was a night of refreshments, games and fun amongst us all. It took probably an entire month to finish moving in, clean up and decorate, so this was our unveiling!

Drinks, anyone?

Attempting to look swanky. My swanky expression is a fail.

We played charades for a bit.

My dog, looking cuter than usual.

A fun game of taboo!


It's gonna be a crazy week. I had a test last Friday, and I have 2 tests this week, and 1 next week plus an article due. So excuse me if my updates are sporadic :[ I'm trying to update at least once a week, but my goal is twice a week.

I went to LUSH this weekend and picked up quite a large haul. Will update about that next post with some in-depth reviews hopefully :]

ALSO! This is random but, currently working on a video how-to on.............

*drum roll please*

HOW TO UNCLOG YOUR TOILET WITHOUT A PLUNGER! (Just learned this tonight... hahaha).

Until then, take care, everyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today was the first official day of fall and the weather pulled through right on cue. It was a chilly and sunless 65ºF this afternoon as I walked home, a drastic difference from the 90ºF weather just 24 hours before.

Forever 21 tee; Zara skinny jeans; CS'CS (random Chinese brand) flats

I visited Zara a couple of weekends ago and found those amazing white skinny jeans for only $10! They have some amazing sales if you happen to go at the right times. However, I can't really say the same for the storefronts I visited in Shanghai this summer. Although they were having "blowout" sales, the prices seemed much higher than sales in the states. But people were buying stuff up left and right at "discount" ~200-300RMB prices (about $30-45 USD). I guess it says a lot about the economic boom that is hitting China, at least for select citizens who can now afford to live in metropolitan Shanghai and all its glory.

On a future date, I will share some photos and stories about my trip to China this summer. Lord knows I need an outlet for all of it :]

One of the photos I took from the trip was featured at my school as a promotional photo to advertise the program next year.


Accidentally took a freaky looking photo, thought it looked cool haha.

Toodles for now!

XOXO Liang

Monday, September 14, 2009


Forever 21 white tee & linen shorts; Puma shoes; JTYS&TYC backpack; WWF panda hat

This is what I wore to the first day of golf class.

I ran into someone I knew from high school right before my first media class of the semester who recommended I try getting into the golf class he was in. I've always had a slight interest in the sport after putting a few times and going to the driving range [and sucking], so I figured, why not take a fun class apart from all my upper division requirements?

Luckily, there was room for the professor to add me, and next thing you know I'm at the golf range practicing in the above outfit, which was the "sportiest" look I could create from my limited college closet. I only bring enough clothes to last me about 2-3 weeks as I tend to return home pretty often to wash & refresh my clothes.

Anyways, today I bring you another unheard of Asian brand: JTYS&TYC. I suck at doing research about these companies because I don't read the native language. I found them randomly in one of the buildings in the infamous "Qi Pu Lu" shopping area in Shanghai. Infamous because they are notorious for housing copious amounts of knockoffs. But there they were, a little store with the most interesting assortment of bags and this amazing bright neon green backpack on sale for only 94 RMB ($14 USD). It's a shame I didn't buy anything else there, I was planning to return but never found the time before having to leave.


Went out last weekend with one of my girlfriends, Kat! I met her this summer during my study abroad trip to China (she was my roommate for a month. We got to know each other very well, maybe a bit too well...). Anyways, she's a wonderful photographer and great person overall. I rarely compliment people, and publicly at that, so Kat, you better be gleeful right now. GLEEFUL IN ALL CAPS!

Codes Combine top & skirt (as mentioned in my last post); JIMMY'Z tank; Kenneth Cole Reaction flats (my most overworn shoes, ever.); hat from random underground subway store in Shanghai

Good luck & have fun in D.C. Kat! See you in 4 months where we will continue our adventures haha.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Wearing: Y by Codes Combine tank, Forever 21 linen shorts, Kenneth Cole Reaction flats.

I am absolutely in LOVE with ::codes combine. I bought this shirt along with a couple other items while visiting their store in Shanghai, China this summer. The label has designs that are fresh, clean cut, edgy and extremely wearable. I'm trying to do some research on the brand, but their website doesn't seem to function for me correctly. All I know is it's a South Korean label with designs for both men and women. Here are a couple of images from their Fall collection:

I actually find their men's line a tad more interesting than the women's as I felt there weremore unexpected pieces. I was actually lucky enough to visit their store this summer during a massive sale event (stuff was marked 50%-90% off!!). Otherwise, I don't think I could afford some of their items :]


The crazy life as a senior in college how now officially begun! Unfortunately, it's not actually my final year. I will have to do a fifth year because I'm double-majoring. But that doesn't change the fact upper-division courses are kicking my butt and I've spent more on books this semester ($452 USD for 3 books!) than my past couple of years combined. I know I've been lucky, being in the College of Communications usually doesn't require too many texts other than a writing guidebook here or an AP stylebook there. I sympathize for my friends who are in majors that constantly require updated textbooks semester after semester. However, I am taking business foundation courses this term, which required two brand new texts (in addition to a marketing book I had to buy for an advertising class -- also a brand new edition).

As some bloggers like to say, my bank account is now officially on life support.


Returning to Austin also means returning to my absolute favorite sandwich restaurant in the universe! Food Heads closes at 4 p.m. everyday and is not open on Sundays, making it not only extremely difficult to eat at but also an event when I do. Anytime anyone visits me in Austin or there are no ideas on where to eat (for lunch), Food Heads is my choice spot.

Table setting outside.

Gypsy Grove Sandwich -- Marinated and grilled pork tenderloin & grilled ham on garlic toasted baguette with swiss cheese, Foodhead's jalepeno relish and tabasco slaw. SUPER delicious, especially the egg that's topped onto it.

Grilled Salami & Fresh Mozzarella -- Served on toasted sourdough with fresh spinach, tomato and blackberry balsamic vinaigrette. A little too greasy for my tastes, but I do love fresh mozzarella. In fact, I've been having a pretty unhealthy infatuation with it as of late.

Grilled Portabellas & Bleu Cheese -- Served on toasted sourdough with fresh spinach, tomato and blackberry balsamic vinaigrette. My favorite sandwich, hands down.

Chicken Special -- Grilled chicken breast on toasted ciabatta with lettuce, tomato, avocado, feta cheese and tarragon mayonnaise. My second favorite sandwich! The feta cheese and terragon mayo gives it a creamy and flavorful texture.

If anyone hasn't been here yet and lives in Austin, it's an absolute must! And if you ever visit me in Austin, make sure I take you here!

In other news, I am currently planning a trip to Singapore this December. More on that later :]

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