Thursday, December 3, 2009


Look carefully... see anything interesting??

The $5.74 price tag?


(That's ME btw)

(oops, my screenshot accidentally captured me changing the volume lol)

(and no, this is not an ad. I am posting out of pure excitement!)

YES! I bought a Burberry clutch for only $5.74!!!!!

So a few days ago, I stumbled on this website called JoJolie where it's an auction based system to buy authentic designer purses for CHEAP. Like ridiculously cheap. This clutch originally retailed for $895 (in my head I'm thinking yeah right.... who'd pay that much for this small thing??) and online it currently retails for $399.95 cheapest price on eBay. The only thing is it costs a little under a $1 to bid each time and you get 5 free bids if I'm not mistaken when you sign up.

I used a total of 2 of my free bids tonight and won this damn thing.

I couldn't believe it.

A lot of it is luck and a lot of it is timing, ladies. This was only my second attempt using this system. My first being 2 days ago where I wasted a click on accident when trying to refresh the page, and then someone outbid me and the auction ended.

Anyways, a small part of me is expecting this to me some crazy scam because this sounds too good to be true.

Go sign up under me please so I can get some free bids :]

*UPDATE* I have received my clutch and it is indeed 100% authentic! SO awesome!
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