Friday, April 9, 2010



It's been a month since I last blogged, I can't believe it! Completely unacceptable, right?

Allow me to list my excuses: school, work, and traveling. Projects and tests at school, a flourish of photography projects, and my spring break trip to New York! All of that added up and took away from my blogging. I'm so backlogged with stuff to post that I am giving up finishing my posts from Singapore. It's April and it just seems odd to be posting Christmas photos, doesn't it?? Of course, you can go check them out on Flickr instead.

Anyways, my roots were growing out in a completely unattractive way so I had to stop into my local salon and get my hair touched up + trimmed. I went about one shade lighter, although hardly anyone can even tell. I'm contemplating going either even lighter on my next trip (I wonder what the upper limits of my hair color can be... as I think my current state is the lightest it's ever been) or just going back to my natural hair color. I usually like to be low maintenance and frequent trips to the salon isn't really my thing, so we'll see.


Since I frequently get comments/questions about my photos, I'm thinking about doing a how-to post and/or video on taking self-portraits and close-up shots for all the beauty bloggers out there. I use a digital SLR but will probably do a tutorial on point & shoots. Please let me know what you would like to know or learn about! I may even possibly do a follow-up tutorial on Photoshop editing. Would any of you be interested in something like that? Let me know please!

Take care,


pankeke said...

I love your haircut~
It looks so cute on you!

It's really similar to the hair cut my hair dresser ALWAYS gives me >.<

Kat said...

It's cute! I love.

What I want to know: Do you go around lugging a tripod? (Do you shoot these on the 5, first of all?)

And then focus. How? Pick a spot to focus on when setting up the shot, and then go stand by that spot?

Or are you just shooting on a lower f/stop?

Ken said...

i was wondering where u have been all this time!
i was just looking at your blog yesterday!

really pretty hair
love the last photo, nice lighting

Kalmo said...

Love your new hair cut! You look gorgeous as always. :)

Crystal said...

You are really good at pictures. Very cute!!Please visit my blog also at:!
Make sure to follow!
Thanks a lot! Love U~

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