Tuesday, March 9, 2010


2010-03-05 Brown Beige-1

It's been a strange two weeks in terms of weather. We saw snow, we saw rain, and now it's 78°F (25.5°C)! It's as if the week before spring break, mother nature decided to just drop the bomb and let spring's warmth explode all over -- not that I'm complaining. I do, however, enjoy bundling up in coats and scarves since it's a rarity in Texas. But it always feels great to peel back the layers and get more creative with wardrobe choices.

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-2

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-3

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-4

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-5

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-6

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-7

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-8

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-9

2010-03-05 Brown Beige-10

Forever 21 trench coat; Forever 21 t-shirt; H&M skirt; Kenneth Cole Reaction Boots; stockings from China


sizbelle said...

your outfits seem to fit the theme of my morning. as its raining rather heavy after many days of heat!

the skirt look very lovely, i'm loving beige & grey tone clothing these days.

love the package you got me, i'm gonna start testing it out soon.. my gals love the candy you got YUM!

viickietoria said...

very cute! omg, how weird, i live in texas too. i think texas weather is just plain..bipolar.

Ken said...

u really made that skirt work for u

Kym said...

ahhhh, its been so long since i was last here! i missed your blog! :P

you are still lookin' great as usual! the weather here has been weird too... i always joke that we've been getting 4 seasons in one day!!! rain, snow, sunshine, winds, everything!

rae630 said...

Cute photos!!! My boyfriend ordered the pizza from Pappa John's Pizza. It was during Valentine's day. Heart shaped pizza all day!!! heehee! <3 Rina

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