Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ed Hardy polo, Baoligao jean skirt, Kenneth Cole Reaction flats.

Callamatch II circle lenses (black) - I've used the GEO black circle lenses before and prefer this over it so much more. The GEO had a very thick, dark and unnatural black outer circle and this one is much thinner and lighter, and the design blends into the brown of my eye, making it look very natural. Unfortunately, I bought this in China a while back and have no idea where to get anymore :[

Lancome eyeshadow in Positive (a matte light beige) and Pose (metallic bronze/gold) - blended the two together to make Pose less pigmented (it's a VERY shimmery and strong color!) all over the lid.

Sephora Nano eyeliner in Midnight Black

Victoria's Secret Very Voluminous Extreme Volume Mascara - 1 coat

NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige - This is my FAVORITE concealer! Cheap, GREAT coverage and blends right into my skin

Nars blush in Orgasm

MAC select sheer/pressed powder in NC20

NYX Lip Gloss with Megashine in Goddess of the Night - LOVE this lip gloss. It is my go to for a pinkish nude look. The color is great and the staying power is amazing. It lasts me through a meal if I am careful while eating.

TIP: apply a layer of concealer to lips to neutralize them and even the color out. I have a pink spot on my lower lip and do this to cover it up.

Had dinner at Grand Lux Cafe, my favorite go to place in Houston for good food :] I also love the decor, very majestic. I want to decorate my future house like this.

Ordered the Chicken Royale with Short Ribs - Lightly Breaded Sauteed Chicken Breasts Served Over a White Wine Butter Sauce with Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Herbed Carrots. The Chicken Royale is one of the best dishes at Grand Lux, hands down -- even though they have over 100 items on their menu. They recently came out with a combination menu that pairs it with the short ribs, which is also pretty good. Also ordered the Yellow Tomato Pasta Pomodoro - Spaghettini Tossed with Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Parmesan Cheese and a Light Yellow Tomato Sauce. It was a very light pasta, and it was good but there are better things to order on the menu (such as the Sunday Night Pasta, that thing is a beast!)


Not my arm...

It's 2:25 a.m. and we're bored, so we found ourselves driving to...

L'auberge du Lac! Casino & Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana (2+ hours from Houston) for some late night gambling and eating. Overall this entire weekend, I only lost $5. Not bad for playing blackjack for a whole day, no?

Banana walnut pancakes.


Mz Lily said...

You're lucky you only lost $5. It's a good thing in Atl. that we don't have any casinos; otherwise, I'll be broke. lol... It def. can get addicting.

Zoe said...

Wow..I love ur pictures,u r so pretty hun^^ Ur black top looks so cute*

Kym said...

ahhh stop teasing me with all that food! haha! you look great girl! i'm actually not a huge fan of ed hardy (my bf is crazy about it!! =S) but i like the one you have on! its simple and classy! hehe! ;P

amynaree said...

love your outfits and your circle lens, looks really natural on you! great pics..u are super photogenic :D

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

hi thanks for commenting and following!!

you're so cute, lovely outfit too!

Sher said...

oohh the circle lens look very interesting! I also looove the nyx concealer in a jar :)

mumuji said...

That Ed Hardy Polo is gorgeous!!

*Nehs* said...

hey beautiful! thanks so much for dropping on my blog! you are gorgeous as well! and i love your food posts!!

sarah said...

you look so so so so so cute!!! <3

sizbelle said...

i like ur ed hardy polo its so nice on you. And the lens are nice too.

Mayako said...

I love your photos ! They are really great ! And you're really cute too ;)

Thanks fot your comment on my blog ! :D

Have a nice day ~~


Kittynail said...

I love that Ed Hardy polo! And you look cute!

K.C. said...


I came across your blog from Amy's blog, you take such wonderful pictures! You're so pretty, love the food pictures! You have a new follower. ^^

If you have time, please visit my blog at:

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Love those pictures :) so pretty ... you know I burst out laughing when I saw "NOT MY ARM" hehe obviously i didn't think a pretty girl like you had the power to grow that much hair on your arm LOL :)

stellarvixen said...

adventure post! and lotsa photos..i like! hehe

ahh nice ed hardy's geisha workart on the back of the polo-T

i like the side look back post!

and i like the last smile you had with your guy...what a smirk u got there

Circle Lenses said...

I love your eyes. Are you wearing circle lenses in those pictures? I get mine from ..they're great, but I was wondering where you get yours. Love Jess xoxo

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