Friday, August 14, 2009



Hello lovelies :]

I decided to test out my Too Faced Jewelry Box Pink Diamond Edition kit. I wanted to post what I used but I can NOT for the life of me find the names of any of the things in this kit!! So I am guessing the shade names based on pictures of their normal shadows on their website.


Callamatch II circle lenses (black) - I wear these practically everyday.

Too Faced eyeshadow in Glamazon (Silver Fawn) - all over lid

Ulta waterproof eyeliner in Deep Brown

Victoria's Secret Very Voluminous Extreme Volume Mascara - 1 coat

NYX Concealer in a Jar in Beige

Too Faced blush in Papa don't Peach (Soft Peach) - reminds me a bit of my Nars Orgasm blush with less shimmer and more pigmented.

Too Faced face powder

NYX Lip Gloss with Megashine in Goddess of the Night - I took these photos later in the day so the lipgloss has worn off a bit in the photos.


For lunch, met up with my oldest and dearest friend Liz @ Cafe Express to catch up on life.

A delicious pasta dish with marinara, mushrooms, spinach and sundried tomatoes.

For dinner, ate at Cafe 101, a trendy local Chinese/Taiwanese-style restaurant. The food there is alright, but it's conveniently close to my home, open late, and drinks are good :]

Jasmine green tea, soothing and refreshing! Love it!!

For appetizer, chicken nuggets with basil. One of their best dishes, I think.

Pork fried rice with veggies. One of the better joints to offer fried rice in Chinatown Houston :] Beef friend udon - also one of the better dishes available here. The menu is quite an adventure, there's probably over 100+ options. Some are wins, some are fails, but it doesn't hurt to try. The food is pretty cheap here.


My first tag! Yay! Tagged by the lovely

1) Open your first photo folder

2) Scroll down to the 10th photo

3) Post that photo and story on your blog

4) Tag 5 other (or more) friends to do the same

I opened up my old photobucket folder, found my 10th oldest photo, and this was it:


I tag Sarah, Gracie, Ceecile, Mz Lily, and PiggyViv.



K.C. said...

Your FOTD is so pretty. I love your food pics and LOL at your tag photo.

sizbelle said...

liang, your FOTD pic is really well taken, how did you manage to get the shot? by urself or someone?

Adele said...

mmmmmmm. those dishes look yummy (: I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with my hair as of now, I'll just wing it when I meet my hairdresser I guess (; wish me luck! xx

amynaree said...

lovely fotd..very natural looking :)

Zoe said...

You looks so pretty in ur pictures, the food looks great..make me so hungry now^^;
love ur tah picture*

Anonymous said...

that toofaced pallete is HOTNESS!!!! hehe

Kym said...

your eye color is so sharp! love it! and *droools* i LOVE LOVE LOVE taiwanese chicken nuggets~now im craving some!! and that photo tag.. BWAHahaA!! awesome!

Ken said...

haha where is ur motherland taiwan?
there are cute people there all the time.

anyways <3

JENNIFER said...

halloo, first time looking in your blog! :D
ah! you have like the best lips ever! ♡

and love the FOTD, natural and simple~
and the food.. delish!

lol at the picture, isn't that from that mike jones song? xD

lindah said...

fellow texan blogger eh? we don't get that often! haha, and my week spent in austin was crazy! So much going on in downtown.. have you been there at night? there's always this african american lady that asks for $1.10 I think for orange juice everynight.. I feel bad so I give it to her :( oh well whatever, don't want to bore you LOL! I love your picture quality :D I want a professional camera, but I'll probably end up breaking it so I think I'll skip on that!

and looking @ your pasta, I went to kerbey lane! It was yummy :) haha! I like your photo tag, it's interesting.. MINE WASN'T! lol

miku said...

The food looks delicious and your make-up is incredible.

Danh Phan (or dphan) said...

Thanks for making me hungry! I have to agree with you that Cafe LOL is definitely a hit or miss, but the cute waitresses almost make up for it haha.

Btw, your natural lighting pictures are always on point ;)

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