Monday, September 28, 2009


Wearing: (No brand) denim jacket; H&M dress, CS'CS flats; Lancome tote bag; Forever 21 headband; Necklace from an underground subway shop in Shanghai

My roommate and I had a housewarming party not too long ago. Allow me to introduce you to her:

Meet Pia! In case you've been wondering, she is the one I usually pester to take photos of me, that or I set up my camera on self-timer.

Anyways, it was a night of refreshments, games and fun amongst us all. It took probably an entire month to finish moving in, clean up and decorate, so this was our unveiling!

Drinks, anyone?

Attempting to look swanky. My swanky expression is a fail.

We played charades for a bit.

My dog, looking cuter than usual.

A fun game of taboo!


It's gonna be a crazy week. I had a test last Friday, and I have 2 tests this week, and 1 next week plus an article due. So excuse me if my updates are sporadic :[ I'm trying to update at least once a week, but my goal is twice a week.

I went to LUSH this weekend and picked up quite a large haul. Will update about that next post with some in-depth reviews hopefully :]

ALSO! This is random but, currently working on a video how-to on.............

*drum roll please*

HOW TO UNCLOG YOUR TOILET WITHOUT A PLUNGER! (Just learned this tonight... hahaha).

Until then, take care, everyone!


Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog again L, you know I love your little blog, ever time I read your collage life makes me miss my uni time too, just carefree parties and stupid exams :) but still I miss it

How i wish to rewind 10 years... enjoy your lovely life... and you must blog more !!! :)

amynaree said...

lol i really do want to know how to unclog a toilet w/out a plunger!

that punch looks good and i'm loving your jacket! cute!

Tammy said...

aww thanks liang! i love your photos on your blog, the candid shots are really nice :)
i am following you now too, please come by again!

sizbelle said...

gal, your shots look good as always! seems like you are really having fun, how i miss sch life...

you gonna do a video, that sounds interesting...

eclecticsatire said...

Awesome pictures! Your dog is uber adorable! :D

BTW,the bookshop that I mentioned in my blog entry is called Kinokuniya. Here is their website:

Hope this helps! :D


Kalmo said...

You look so adorable and collegiate with the jean jacket. You look super chic with the black dress and dangly necklace though. Your roommate is gorgeous too and so nice to always take your picture. ^^

Party looks like fun and yay for American Eskimos! :) Your dog is so small, is he a puppy still? Indy, my mom's/family's American Eskimo, is such a giant fluff ball---fitting over two people's laps more likely LOL

Anonymous said...

looks like loads of fun!
that dress is way cute

*Nehs* said...

omg! i love your outfit! specially the necklace.. so pretty!!!

your photos are always great!

Delectable Swank said...

I love your LBD, you look so gorgeous!

Kalmo said...

Hi Liang

Thanks for the comment. I was a little rushed when I wrote the review and apologize for not writing how it made my skin feel after on normal days. It does not dry out my skin unless I leave the mask on for more than 10 minutes. Now I've fallen into the routine of slathering the mixture on and waiting three or so minutes before washing off, my skin feels normal, clean, and balanced with that time.

plastiknoise said...

you and pia look super cute :)
love the necklace.

Pia said...

our party was ultra swanky. we should through one like every other night. maybe a pot luck next time??

Pia said...

p.s. i am now famous due to your blog. and also if urv found out his pic was on here he would totally flee the country. you know how he tries to hide from the camera haha

Zoe said...

Wow wow wow..those are really pretty pictures of u,the party look so much fun~

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