Sunday, February 28, 2010


2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-96
Holland Village is famous in Singapore for eateries and the bar scene. It's also where I had the most delicious crab of my life! I am not a huge fan of shellfish, and particularly crabs because I find the nuisance of breaking the exoskeleton not worth the small amounts of meat hidden underneath. But just this once, I actually found myself not minding the tedious efforts so much because it was just that delicious!

2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-4
2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-13
2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-11

It's a type of rice noodle soup cooked with crab and XOXO cognac. Not gonna lie, it was definitely the alcohol that made the dish extremely tasty.

Afterwards, walked around a bit before checking out the highly acclaimed Wala Wala Cafe Bar. It's two floors, with a bar downstairs and upstairs, the difference being there's a live band on the second floor.

2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-27
2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-1
2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-42
2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-34
The lead singer (guy in the middle) was kind of cute in a nerdy way ;]

2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-43
2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-61
Definitely one of the best live sets I've watched -- in a bar at least. Not sure what the group's name was, but they did a lot of popular cover songs with an extremely alluring flair.

2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-110
2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-112
2009-12-14 Singapore-Holland Village-119
Have you ever seen a yellow Elmo?? So weird!


sizbelle said...

i miss going to holland V, wala wala have nice pizza too. i love chilling out there, miss that place too!

yellow elmo? thats interesting? Lol

stellarvixen said...

nicely taken photos!i luvvv prime lens :D
ahh been along long time since i last visited merlion city!

yuuumy yummy crab in cognac soup haha
making me drooling!

like Outfit of the day too!
the wedge heels...hmmm nice

Angelique said...

Love the pictures! Very beautiful :]

That crab looks delicious & I'm getting hungry!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

i love your outfit! the rice noodle soup looks SO good!! :D

Pia said...

alcohol actually made something taste better for once? thats a change! also, the last few pics are yellow themed. wonder if my nephews would recognize yellow elmo as elmo..

cheerilyhappy said...

waaah~ i love your outfit !!
it's simple and still elegant somehow :)

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