Monday, November 30, 2009


I will be leaving for Singapore in 7 days!!!

I am ultra excited as this will be my second overseas trip this year. If there are any bloggers from Singapore out there who'd like to do a swap or a meetup, let me know asap! And if you have any recommendations on what I should visit and where to eat, pleeeeeaaaaseeeee share!

I am going partially as a vacation and partially to visit a few advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines to scope and absorb the media environment there.

In other news, my one-year-old computer decided to bail on me today. I was doing literally, absolutely nothing when it froze. I rebooted and now the system runs at the pace of a snail. It's slower than my first computer I had in 5th grade. It takes almost 5 seconds to respond if I just right click on the desktop.

Windows Vista -- I hate you.

But luckily for me, my trusty Macbook Pro is alive and well and helping me through this mess. Especially when it's the last week of school and I've got loads of tests and projects to be concerned with. Arghhhhh!

Anyhows, Singapore ladies, hollar at me!


Anonymous said...

wow that sounds like an amazing trip!

pankeke said...

ohh~~ your trip should be fun! my laptop JUST became a year old and it's becoming a peice of poo too =(

Tammy said...

have fun in singapore!! :D

Toothfairy said...

Have fun in singapura! I'd love to visit the place, maybe on my next transfer!


Ken said...

you should get a mac~
pretty pic~

sizbelle said...

hey gal, i was suppose to comment on this post but i forgot, luckily you commented on mine...

i'm staying in Singapore, should be no problem to meet you up if you ever wan.. or maybe a small swap since you dropping by...

let me know ur thoughts!
btw, if you wan more info on shopping in Sg refer to for our new shopping mall!

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