Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yes, it's happening.

Sigh, I am indeed getting one year older. I know I have no right to complain about this as old age, but really, who wants to be 23?? Who wants to be anything other than 21?! I know, maturity and wisdom come with old age blah blah -- but youth is ever fading. So many people try and grasp onto it for as long as they can. Old women invest hundreds if not thousands in beauty products and surgery to retain their youth, or get a cheap imitation of it. SCREW GETTING OLDER!!!

As a constant defiance against aging, one of my favorite past times is to try and look as young as possible in photographs.

Case in point:

I think #1 makes me look extremely young and therefore I like that one the best. Could I pass for 8?? (PS - this is an excellent way to scare off guys)

So in true birthday-celebrating form, I decided to make a wishlist:

1) Ps (Photohsop) salt & pepper shakers. Because I would like to think of Photoshop while I'm eating.
2) Lego iPhone case. DO I EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN THIS?? Think of all the crazy I could be building on the back of my phone! (Yes, crazy as a noun, not an adjective.)
3) Photo hanger paper clip. I like things that are things created out of other things to become new thingies. Plus they're cute. And I like pictures.
4) Bowties. I think they look charming and I would like to look charming.
5) Jeffrey Campbell 99 wedges in black or black suede. I'm a small girl who likes to be tall at times.
6) Thigh high socks. I've been having an obsession with them lately. Will take more. In all colors.

Thank you.


P.S. In case you missed it, this post was written with an overcast of sarcasm. But only just a drizzle.

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