Monday, October 4, 2010


Started the day off with brunch at Cafe Mogador, one of my favorite eateries in NYC. Then went on a dessert rampage (hit up 4 spots), leaving me feeling like death wrapped in sugar as I rolled around New York city with an achingly full belly and taste buds in ecstasy.

Momofuku's crack pie + cereal milk soft serve is the best combination money can buy in this world. Better than cookies & cream or peanut butter & jelly, for reals.

Afterwards, went to Sundaes & Cones (again!) since, well, hey, we were in the area. This time it was lychee that took my taste buds to its happy place. And although I was already stuffed beyond belief, I struggled to swallow the last few bites as I knew my days to eat this marvelous stuff was numbered.

This is my uncomfortably full face. I also get sloppy when I'm full; note the strap hanging out -_-

Took a stroll afterwards mostly to try and digest some food before gorging some more.

Went to Chikalicious for a three-course dessert. Yes, three courses! It's like having an appetizer for your dessert AND a dessert for your dessert. Probably my favorite place on earth, sigh. This was the amuse: watermelon sorbet in a jasmine gelee.

Main course: panna cotta, toasted almonds, and something else (I forgot).

Main course #2: Fromage blanc island "cheese cake." The term cheese cake should be applied lightly as this is a fluffier, lighter and more angelic cousin to your typical variation of cheesecake.

Petits fours to top off the "meal."

Afterwards, crossed the street to Chikalicious Dessert Club for more dessert lol. This was a chilled brioche bread pudding. Never had chilled bread pudding before and this was awesome!

I could not fit dinner in that night.


ipehishere said...

You always took a good picturesss :D

Anonymous said...

NYC neighbourhoods looks so quaint~
Love the food pics, looks so yummy!!

Kalmo said...

Wow you look super pretty and polished in the red outfit!! Ah I'm drooling over all the food pictures, I love sweets. :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty! Love the skirt! <3


Michelle-esque said...

I absolutely loved the images! The desserts look delectable!

xo, Michelle

Philip said...

where can i find the dark blue shirt your friend is wearing? thanks.

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