Thursday, September 30, 2010


Started off the day scouring the 5th Avenue area for food. Landed upon Papillon, a French bistro that happened to be serving brunch and my all time favorite: Brioche French toast. It was served with caramelized apples & maple syrup and can be described as mediocre at best. I suppose I've been spoiled by places like 24 Diner and Mulberry here in Austin, Texas that really know how to do French toast right.

Ham & Gruyère sandwich with fries, which tasted much better than my French toast did...

Had a ridiculously large portioned dinner at Carmine's. The plate probably served 4-6 and there was only two of us. Clearly, there was no room left for dessert afterwards but I more than made up for it the next day. Update coming soon!


Anonymous said...

great photos! what's your camera?
The food shots made me hungry. =P


Zoe said...

wow, love ur pictures hun, ur NYC trip looks so much fun, wish I could go there one day too^^

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