Saturday, February 20, 2010


2009-12-13 Singapore-23
Went to Dempsey Hill for brunch one morning and had a hard time deciding which restaurant I actually wanted to eat at. There were a LOT of choices, all of them looked mouthwateringly inviting.

2009-12-13 Singapore-12

2009-12-13 Singapore-9
Ended up going to CA*California inside Ben & Jerry's (I think seeing Ben & Jerry's sealed the deal).

2009-12-13 Singapore-17
I ordered this sandwich with turkey, mango and... (okay, I can't remember. They don't have a menu online). Looks yummy right? Because it definitely was :]

2009-12-13 Singapore-18
My friend ordered this sandwich that had an egg cooked on top of it, also wonderfully yummy!

2009-12-13 Singapore-15
Took photos with my phone first before switching to my camera ;]

2009-12-13 Singapore-53
Afterwards, went to Vivocity to catch the MRT to Sentosa!

2009-12-13 Singapore-35

2009-12-13 Singapore-45

2009-12-13 Singapore-48

2009-12-13 Singapore-59

2009-12-13 Singapore-66

2009-12-13 Singapore-62

2009-12-13 Singapore-157

2009-12-13 Singapore-78

2009-12-13 Singapore-97

2009-12-13 Singapore-132

2009-12-13 Singapore-148

2009-12-13 Singapore-142

2009-12-13 Singapore-93

2009-12-13 Singapore-114

One of my absolute favorite places in Singapore was Sentosa beach! Nothing beats looking out into the ocean while sitting at a cafe on a warm, breezy day, awaiting the sunset. For beach aficionados, Sentosa may not seem all that spectacular, but having grown up on Houston, the only beach I was exposed to was Galveston beach -- a place known for its murky brown waters. So I was absolutely entranced by Sentosa, the warm sun, white sand and blue waters.

2009-12-13 Singapore-161

2009-12-13 Singapore-163

2009-12-13 Singapore-166
Stopped by Café del Mar for a quick drink before sunset to cool down. They had a really nice outdoor pool bar I want to jump into next time :]

2009-12-13 Singapore-226

2009-12-13 Singapore-233
I shall be back ;]

The past week at school has been crazy hectic, so this blog post is quite overdue. I have some gaps now, so expect all my Singapore updates to finally make their way online in the next few days :]


Kalmo said...

Wow these are amazing pictures, thanks for sharing Liang. The quality and lighting of the pictures are wonderful, you look so beautiful too. :)

Zoe said...

I really love these pictures Liang, Sentosa beach looks so beautiful,did u also go to the Universal Studio there?
The sandwiches look so yummy too, u look so sexy and pretty in all ur pictures^^.By the way, what is the camera and the lense that used to take these fantastic pictures?

P.s..Love ur new header

emma said...

great pictures
what kind of camera?
it's bloody cold here
so jealous of your tank top wearing weather

pankeke said...

i *love* all these pictures!
you look as gorgeous as the scenery :)

must have been a super fun and relaxing trip !!

amynaree said...

Liang! Your pictures def make me want to go to SG :) Glad you are having such a great time!

crazyazn said...

my gf loves sentosa shes from Malaysia. Love the pictures =)

Ken said...

beautiful pictures~
definitely a feast for the eyes

ipehishere said...

woaaa i miss singaporeee !! i love shopping at singapore !! haha
heyy ur pictureee sooo cool !! nicee i love it . i follow your blog now. hehe
gonna stalk you more lol :p
nice to meet you ! :D

Fang Kai said...

Thanks for your sharing, and, there's one more thing that I have to say is, you look great.

Fang Kai said...

Looking forward to hear the new journey about you.

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