Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Update on Life: Running from a raging cheetah

The past few weeks have been a blur. Like a cheetah running behind you and all you're trying to do is not get eaten. And then at some pivotal moment in life years from now, you could potentially win a million dollars on a game show if you could recall how many spots the cheetah had. "Impossible!" you say, "It was far too hectic and dangerous for me to just casually lay about and count the spots on the cheetah. I would've DIED AND BEEN EATEN."

Yep, that's how the past few weeks have felt like and how I perceive I'll feel about it in the future. Like a blur I was trying to escape from, but later wish I could've remembered it better and enjoyed it more -- but it really would just be a meaningless wish because I would've gotten EATEN if I slowed down.

But that's not to say I didn't take a few moments for myself over the past few weeks. One of them was a recent development where myself and a couple of photographer friends get together and have a goofy fun time over food.

Last Tuesday, we went to Hopdoddy's for burgers on South Congress and had a photo walk and ice cream afterwards.

The Goodnight Burger, which I devoured.


All photos with me in it taken by Ari Morales. All other photos taken by me and all are edited by me. No cheetahs were harmed nor any small Asian girls during the posting of this blog post.


Kid Kansas said...

Awesome, be sure to update more!!!!

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