Friday, March 25, 2011

Why my blog is crap


My blog sucks. Here's why:

1. I don't update enough
Well, this is obvious. I update like twice a month. It's really sad. The problem is I don't think I have anything interesting to say! I'd rather not bore people with random babbles about absolutely nothing just to fill up space. On the other hand, not filling it at all = this blog sucks.

2. There is no real content
So I throw up some cutesy photos every once in a while, and then what? There's no real content on this page, it's all fluff and that brings up my next reason...

3. This blog is censored
Yes, this blog is mad censored. No one is forcing me, but I censor the crap out of myself. Why? Because I fear my "future employer" will find it and disapprove of my colorful personality should I choose to display it.

Schools, HR staff, working professionals, et al -- ALL throw this threat down students' throats these days. "What you post on the internet is permanent." "Don't post anything online that you wouldn't want your grandma/mom/future kids to see." Taking all of this into consideration, I've completely shut myself up and filled this space up with perfectly good and likeable things. I mean, when you come here and read this space, I seem like a perfectly normal, fun-loving, likeable girl right?

No bitchyness (no one wants to hire a ranting brat), no crude jokes (must be politically correct in office spaces), no scandalous photos (not that those even possibly exist), and worst of all, nothing that shows any personality in me. BUT THIS BLOG IS ABOUT ME!! WHY IS IT NOTHING LIKE ME?????

4. I'm writing to please others
In relation to above reason, I am pleasing others rather than myself. The conundrum is I also thrive on comments. It's nice when someone takes the time to pat you on the back and throw you a little nibble known as a "comment" to show that they spent time to read your post, and actually took the time to tell you their opinion on something that took you quite some time to produce.

So I started noticing that the more pictures I posted, the more comments I usually got (I guess because it's easier to skim and easy to throw up a comment like "Nice pics" rather than something of more time, thought and substance). However, on the posts that I ventured out to be slightly more "edgy" and honest (where I talk about insecurities, fears, whatever) -- NO ONE COMMENTS. WHY??

It got to be discouraging. Maybe my worries just aren't relateable. Maybe I shall be FOREVER ALONE with my gripes about life. Maybe people just don't care. Or maybe people feel awkward to say something about a personal topic when they don't know the person that well. Eitherway, it got to feel kind of pointless even posting these musings to the public if no one wanted to see it.

5. It's not really valuable
What the heck is the point of visiting my blog anyways? I know a lot of people say they write their blog "for themselves." I'll be honest and tell you that's not why I'm here. I'm here because I want people to read and see my stuff. If it was for me and me alone, I'd keep a private journal (which I do, for those really melodramatic moments in my life). This place exists on the internet and even has a custom domain because I want people to read it!! Maybe it's an egotistical sense of self-importance where I feel like people should care about what I have to say, but I have to be honest with myself and admit this blog sucks because there is absolutely no value behind it. There's no reason to read it, really, unless you're just obsessed with me.

I had an epiphany that if I really want people to read my blog, I have to change the aforementioned five things that are murdering it right now.

Why five? I could've probably condensed it to three, or expanded and added on to it to eight or ten, but I like the way the number "5" looks all big and bold, so I went with five. Five is a pretty number.

Anyways, it would be nice if you commented. I mean, you don't HAVE to. But you'd be invalidating everything I said above. And that would make me sad.


On an ironic and self-suicidal note, I am publishing this blog post as I am beginning my job search. This blog is indexed by Google and shouldn't really be hard to find as I link to it on my Twitter and LinkedIn too. But my hope is that either a) they won't dig so deep, or b) whatever place I work for will ideally value my honesty and ability to self-analyze and critique and view that as admirable! Or c) I will become independently wealthy within the next month.


joyfielder said...

I can relate! I haven't updated my blog for nearly a month. Not sure what's motivating me (or not) anymore! Maybe coz i don't want to put anything negative on my "happy" blog - and when I'm tired and grumpy from work, I'm just not feeling too happy.

Hope you don't give up though!

Liang Shi said...

My sentiments exactly. I'm trying to see intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic and try to find a balance between the good times and the bad. Thanks for commenting! Hope you update your blog soon too :)

Liang said...

My sentiments exactly. I'm trying to see intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic and try to find a balance between the good times and the bad. Thanks for commenting! Hope you update your blog soon too :)

Anonymous said...

Liang... Id never thought of you to be this negative especially with a woman of your character. But don't worry because My Failed expectations were aspects that gripped me emotionally especially when it came to my career. So I can relate to how your feeling believe me... The only thing that keeps me going in this life is the fact that I'm right where I am supposed to be. The world we live in is not perfect, we are not perfect thus some walls we will triumph others we will not thus is our destiny for this world. Everyone has a purpose and a reason for their lives. We live that purpose in every second and we learn that reason from our past. Contentment is a key to my survival when walking and pursuing my desires with the mindset that Some desires I will achieve others I will not because it is Gods will. We all have projects that we wish could have been better or successful but as humans there's only so much we can do with our finite wisdom... Consider this as you keep walking  closer and may one day achieve all your hearts desires.


Wing Li said...

My blog also sucks! Hardly anyone comments on it, I don't even know why people follow it but I guess they must be reading if they're following otherwise whats the point? I know how it feels when you want to blog about something interesting and worthwhile but can't think of anything but I tend not to try too hard. I just blog about personal interests and happenings no matter how trivial but try keep emotional angst and irritations out of it too much.
I usually don't comment on people's posts where they share their depressing thoughts because I'm not very good with comforting words and other people usually get there before me with words of wisdom and support to give.

Anyway, I enjoyed your earlier blog posts about your travels! I guess you shouldn't worry too much about comments as long as you enjoy blogging. Let people read it or leave it?

Anonymous said...

Hello. If it helps I just wanted to say that I came upon your blogs and it actually inspired me to start some blogging of my own. Also you are a very articulate writer so I'm sure you can find a way to adequately express yourself without ruining your image or having it come around negatively in the future. Best of luck!

miemiemie said...

hahaha i can totally relate. i've been updating here and there..once every two to three months. don't feel bad..hahaha coz i feel the same and i really don't mind that much anymore coz i know we all have our "lives" to live in..

Cypress said...

I so agree with you girl. Keep it up though! I don't think comments are a good indication if someone reads your blog. ya never know.

Oreleona said...

i still like ur blog :) and i dont think its crap :D

Liang said...

Thank you, Oreleona :]

Liang said...

Well, thank you for taking the time to write a response. I know it's awkward to write responses to other people's personal situations. I think when people put it in a public space, though, they are looking for input or commentary. But I do like your perspective - "Let people read it or leave it"

Patrick said...

I have the same problem with my blog. No one reads it, I rarely get any comments, whats the point right?

I feel like what you have here is good, but I think you have the potential for so much more. I think your pictures may be slowly drifting into a sense of comfort and repetition... I like the edgy stuff, I want to see more of it.

sukipooki said...

I know what you mean about censoring yourself out! Sometimes it's not even about crude words etc. but Im more more sensitive to the person that Im leaving a comment to in case I offend them! The last thing I want to do! Besides, don't feel like the cutesy photos aren't cutting it, pictures are worth a thousand words! There must be a reason why you have over 100+ followers unless you literally bribed all of them =P Oh and I definitely agree with Wing Li! Read it or leave it people!

Patrick Empleo said...

Very crafty, Liang. :P
I could also relate as far as the censoring is concerned, but I have more of a "Take me as I am" kind of mindset. Every person has some sort of personal internet history. So if my future employer were to find any of my blogs from the past, I'd tell them that it was from when I was younger. Haha.

You'll be fine. Thumbs up*

Linda Truong said...

Great post. Very "crafty!" :) I enjoy your blog. It has a bit of everything, which is why I'm always coming back. The first time I saw your blog was when I was searching for a quick review for Luckily I found yours and it convinced me to give it a try. I eventually won an auction shortly after. Hah.

I can also relate. My blog is obviously not read by many because there's NOTHING to read. I haven't found it to be very likable... et. It's in the works and I am finding my 'niche' if you will. I think you're doing a wonderful job though!

Danh Phan said...

After starting work I don't blog or take photos for myself anymore so that kinda makes me sad. At least you get to blog 2 times a month lol. I think I'm only going to update twice a year... and thats when I get to read all (6) of my subscribers blogs. Hopefully, you'll have a job lined up for you by the time you read this comment.

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